Effective Money Management

The most important key to the effective management of money involves time. The more time that you are capable of investing in the management of your affairs, the greater the return will be as a result of your investment. The earlier that you begin to manage your money, the more effective you will be when it comes to accomplishing your goals. There are too many people who try to go about managing money when it is too late in their life, and managing the money you have left is not as effective as managing your money as it comes in. In essence, there are four different questions that need to be answered by any money management programme that you participate in.

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5 Signs That Stock Markets Are Due For A Correction

While we are starting to see the first signs of a correction in the stock market, history has shown that there are many similarities between toady’s markets and other markets prior to corrections. For those willing to take a step back form the euphoria of the stock market rise of the last few years, the signs of a correction have been there for some time – although some people are evening trying to shrug the signs off today!

Updated on December 2016 – chart below shows you what happended after this post was published 🙂

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