Effective Money Management

The most important key to the effective management of money involves time. The more time that you are capable of investing in the management of your affairs, the greater the return will be as a result of your investment. The earlier that you begin to manage your money, the more effective you will be when it comes to accomplishing your goals. There are too many people who try to go about managing money when it is too late in their life, and managing the money you have left is not as effective as managing your money as it comes in. In essence, there are four different questions that need to be answered by any money management programme that you participate in.

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Inheritance Tax – Is It Such A Big Issue?

As many experts forecast the strong possibility of a snap general election in September, to utilise Gordon Browns honeymoon rating in the polls, it seems that the issue of tax has returned to the political agenda. Recently David Cameron has been under pressure from those right of central who are concerned that the Conservative party is moving away from traditional polices, but it seems the Tories may be about to take on Gordon Browns record on taxes.

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