Banks and Banking

A number of different bank account options are available these days and choosing the right bank account for your purposes will depend both on your individual circumstances and why you need a bank account to begin with.

What type of account should I open?

There are many different types of bank accounts to consider opening, including ‘current accounts’ for every day, or day-to-day payment transactions, ’savings accounts’ for savings and interest earning on deposit amounts, and a wide variety of other accounts, each featuring different characteristics and catering to different users and uses. Once you have chosen the bank that you want to work with, you should talk to the counter staff or the bank manager so that experienced bankers may choose the best account option for you.

Is more than one bank account necessary?

Most people choose a single current account to act as their main account for day-to-day paying. The following reasons may make it worthwhile to open more than just a single account:

– Savings purposes, because savings account earn interest on the deposits that you make.

– Business transactions, because businesses typically require their own accounts.

– Separate current accounts or savings accounts for married couples, or for couples who are living together.

– Taking advantage of a better interest rate with a second account.

How much will a bank account cost me?

When you are in the process of determining which bank to go with, make sure to ask if any charges are included for the following items:

– Bouncing cheques, or fees for insufficient fund amounts.

– Requesting extra copies of bank statements.

– Requesting replacement cheques or bankcards.

You should contact your own bank to find out information on interest rates, bank fees and any other charges that may apply to your bank account use.

What is a Debit Card?

Debit cards are issued in connection with building society accounts and bank accounts. They can be used in order to make purchases, or even to obtain ATM cash. If there is not enough money in your banking account, your card will be refused because they do not function the way that credit cards do. Debit cards can be used at most restaurants and shops, and the money that you spend using your debit card will be taken directly from your bank account. Your debit card will also be capable of being used abroad in many cases.

Applying for a Debit Card

When you first open a new bank account, your banker will ask if you want a debit card or not. If you already have a bank account but do not have a debit card, phoning your local bank may prove wise.

For more information on bank accounts and debit cards, phone a local bank branch. Most bankers are more than willing to offer guidance and assistance, and there is a lot that you can learn about your banking options simply by phoning or visiting various banks yourself.

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